Sera Alexander: “My Only Option was to Shoot Him”

DES MOINES, Iowa -- The state rested its case on Tuesday in the murder trial of  Sera Alexander. The 29-year-old is charged with second degree murder in the shooting death of her stepfather, Anthony Hartmann last May.

Prosecutors showed the court video of Alexander's first interview with police after the shooting.  She told detectives she arrived to the family's south side home after a weekend away and noticed a car she didn't recognize in the driveway.  She continued up to her bedroom and heard Hartmann's voice coming from the basement. That's when she said she confronted him with gun.

In the video, a Des Moines Police Department detective asked her where she kept the gun. Alexander responded, " in my bedroom, on the dresser, loaded."

Alexander told investigators the confrontation last about five minutes from the moment she walked into the house.

The detective questioned Alexander if she was "too quick to shoot Hartmann or if she thought it was the right thing to do" Alexander said, " I think I might have jumped too quick." She later adds, "my only option I thought of was to shoot him."

The defendant says Hartmann abused both her and her family for years. She admits, her step - father didn't threaten her that day but was still fearful of his presence.

"I had the gun for that reason. I knew it was a possibility. I kept it loaded for that reason, if he ever came back and tried to hurt any of us."

Hartmann's no - contact order against the family had recently expired before the shooting took place.

State prosecutors also focused on where Hartmann was shot. Autopsy results show he was shot twice in the back however, Alexander was insistent that she shot him in the chest as he was turning around to confront her. Prosecutors are trying to prove this was not a case of self - defense.

The trial resumes on Wednesday with the defense bringing its witnesses to the stand.