Grassley Among Senators Proposing Federal Funding for School Safety, Mental Health

Senator Chuck Grassley (WHO-HD)

WASHINGTON D.C. – A group of U.S. senators, including Iowa senator Charles Grassley, has proposed an act to use federal dollars for school safety and mental health services.

This follows the shootings at a Florida high school last month that killed 17 people.

The 13 senators say the School Safety and Mental Health Services Improvement Act would give all public schools federal funds to use for school counselors, alarm systems, security cameras, and crisis intervention training.

It would also create a presidential task force for ensuring school safety.

Sen. Grassley issued this statement:

“Students should not only feel safe at school, but they should be safe at school. Making federal resources available so schools can upgrade their security and mental health programs and infrastructure is an important way of making all of our students safer. I`m glad to join a bill that will do exactly that. This is a commonsense measure that will help communities and schools prevent future tragedy.”