Dogs Stolen from Shelter Returned with Injuries

GRINNELL, Iowa -- Employees at the Poweshiek Animal League Shelter say two dogs were stolen from their kennels either late Monday night or in the early hours of Tuesday morning. The shelter says whoever is responsible broke in through the back door.

“The knob was on the floor and then we noticed that the door was all cracked and busted at the frame” said Office Manager Jenny Fiebelkorn.

When the kennel manager arrived to start her day she noticed that max, a German Sheppard, and Ace, a Boxer-mix were missing.

“It was scary, I couldn't imagine that someone just came to take dogs” said Kennel Manager Kacie Fattig.

The employees called their board of directors and then law enforcement. The Poweshiek County Sheriff’s Department took on the case, and the shelter started posting on social media to locate the dogs.

“We were notified Tuesday morning a couple of hours after we were here and this was ongoing, that somebody had Max, that they had seen him in the middle of the night” said Fiebelkorn.

Later on Tuesday someone returned Max, and on Wednesday Ace was returned.  Who returned them the shelter will not say citing the ongoing investigation; however, both dogs were returned with injuries.

“Max came back with an injury on his tail and it appears to be a bite wound, and Ace returned with wounds on his head, and some of them appear to be bite wounds and one of them we're not exactly sure how it occurred” said Fiebelkorn.

The dog's injuries were examined and cleaned, on Friday both were doing well. Still, employees say they're shaken up.

“It's very upsetting because the thing we try to accomplish here is to protect the animals and get them into good homes with loving families. For someone to take them and for them to come back to us with injuries. It’s just unsettling” said Fieblkorn.

Channel 13 reached out to the county sheriff’s department for an update on the case, they did not immediately return our calls.