Ladora Bank Bistro Named Best Small Town Restaurant in Iowa

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LADORA, Iowa- The travel magazine website Thrillist has named the Ladora Bank Bistro as the best small-town restaurant in Iowa.

Current owner of the Bistro, Jim Vido, bought the restaurant from the prior owners in 2014. The venue is inside a former bank building which was built in 1920, and closed as a bank during the Great Depression in 1931.

Ladora Bank Bistro is known also for it’s unique food and drink menu items.

“As far as the food I stuck with a shared plate concept,” said Vido. “It’s kind of a rare thing there’s not a lot of places that are doing shared plate style.”

The menu is also made of items, many may not be familiar with.

“The Shrimp Scampi, thats a big seller Red SnapperTacos, as well as Duck Potstickers,” said Vido, when listing off his main menu items. “I have mixed in some Asian European new American.”

“I like that the items are small plate so you can try variety of things,” said Anne Lannom, a customer from Grinnell.  “It’s a place for celebration for birthdays for anniversaries or Veterans Day, anything you want to celebrate.”

“Coming in and seeing the menu, is kind of a shock,” said Vido. “People expect fried food, bar & grill food in a small town.”

For many, a map is needed to find this small town in southwest Iowa County.

“If you’re thinking big terms, where is Ladora, between Grinnell and Iowa City, about halfway little bit closer to Grinnell right on Highway Six,” said Vido.

“It’s an easy drive for us from Grinnell, it’s a very unique place nice people,” said customer Bill Lannom, of Grinnell.

If you would like to know more about the Ladora Bank Bistro, click here.


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