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Frog Lady of Polk City Has Pad Full of Frogs

POLK CITY, Iowa- When Charlotte Loter moved into a new home three years ago, she had a special shelf built. The shelf is to hold a portion of her estimated three thousand frogs she has collected.

She actually has two real frogs in an aquarium. The rest are made from porcelain, and some are stuffed toy frogs.

It all started with one frog.

“This one my mom gave me back when I was like 15, I think,” said Loter. “It came from the church bazaar in my hometown of Montrose, Iowa.”

Loter along with her late husband Bob, used to go out seeking frogs to add to her collection.

“We called it froggin,” said Loter. “Going out looking for them in antique malls,and flea markets.”

Loter has shelf after shelf filled with frogs she’s collected. She doesn’t look for all things frog. She only wants the item, if it is only about the frog, no other objects.

“Their expression, they have to have a nice expression, or I won’t buy them if they’re grumpy looking,” said Loter. “I have some upstairs that are called grumpy old toads.”

Not all of her frogs can be found on the shelf.

“There are a lot of stuffed frogs around here, a lot of them are hanging out under the pool table,” said Loter. “No one‘s probably around here that is as addicted as I am .”