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Uber Eats Launches in Des Moines

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  People have been using Uber in central Iowa to get around for a while now. But starting Thursday, it's transporting something else: your food!

Uber Eats, a food delivery service, allows residents to order delivery from more than 40 local restaurants that normally wouldn't offer that service. It includes Fong's Pizza, Gazali’s, Iowa Taproom, Sakari Sushi, Royal Mile, Vivian’s Diner and many more.

Uber Eats will be launching in downtown and surrounding neighborhoods including Urbandale, Windsor Heights, and Drake University.

Similar to the ride app, people can request food through a free app on their smartphone. General Manager of Uber Eats Iowa Pete Forsberg said the delivery fee is $5.99 plus the cost of the food, including tax. Customers can also add a tip for the driver.

Forsberg said Uber Eats is offering first-time eaters two free deliveries through March 29th using the promo code DESMOINESEATS.

Fong’s Pizza never thought they would offer delivery but just signed on as an initial partner with the company.

Fong's Pizza Food and Beverage Manager Nicholis Brink said, "Unfortunately just due to the size of our kitchen and the overall volume that we do on any day of the week. It would basically be more of an effort in frustration than actually guest satisfaction so it’s nice that there’s this sort of third-party option that we can use to set when we have delivery available."

Brink said the service will help keep customers happy and expand their business, "We’ve tried really hard to just represent Des Moines and we really appreciate after being open for nine years how many loyal guests we still have and how many people still get really excited about us. So being able to be at the forefront of this kind of new vehicle to get people Fong’s pizza, I think it’s a really cool thing to do."

Food delivery services are not new in Des Moines, things like Grub Hub, Food Dudes Delivery and Des Moines 2 Go have been in the Metro for years. Fong’s Pizza says they chose Uber Eats because of the well-known Uber name and simply because it was the right timing.

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