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Iowa Family Thanks First Responders for Bravery During House Fire

DENVER, Iowa  --  An eastern Iowa family is thanking first responders after their home caught fire.

Ashley Leistikow and her boys Chase and Crawford were in the family home when the fire broke out days before Christmas. The Denver Volunteer Fire Department, police department, and Denver EMTs all responded. The family lost one dog named Bowser, but EMT Kathy Bartels performed CPR on another dog and was able to save its life.

To show their appreciation to everyone, the family wrote letters and gave them wooden plaques as gifts.

"I mean, this is a volunteer fire department and they put their lives on the line. They need to know how much we appreciate them," said Leistikow. "They did everything just so far above and beyond. There's no way we could have asked for anything better."

The volunteer fire department also adopted the family for Christmas, buying them gifts and a few basic essentials.