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Iowa Unemployment Rate Proving Beneficial for Job Candidates With Disabilities

IOWA  --  The low unemployment rate in Iowa is proving to be a big help for a group of potential job candidates.

Job placement specialists in Iowa working with people who are disabled say a shrinking pool of workers is opening up jobs for others, but it all has to do with the employer. Experts say more businesses are willing to work with those who can only do specific jobs.

A woman who works with the gas station Kum & Go says stores across the state are now hiring disabled workers.

"Now that I'm working with so many other companies in Iowa County, I can use this as, 'hey, I work with Kum & Go, we do this at Kum & Go, so maybe it would work for you,'" said Goodwill job placement specialist Jamie Lillie.

Lillie says other companies are also opening up similar positions.