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Ivanka Trump to Visit Iowa Monday to Talk Workforce Development, Infrastructure

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WAUKEE, Iowa  --  To help grow support for one of his plans in Iowa, President Trump is sending one of his top advisors to the Hawkeye state on Monday.

Ivanka Trump will be in Waukee with Governor Kim Reynolds. Trump will be focusing her efforts on workforce development during her trip.

“Together we will visit the Waukee Innovation and Learning Center, meet with students and faculty, and experience firsthand the skills-focused curriculum,” she said.

Trump says increasing the number of graduates coming out of STEM fields and computer science programs is one of the main pillars of her father's infrastructure plan.

“The president launched the Taskforce on Apprenticeship Expansion in September, and instructed the department of education to prioritize STEM and computer science education, committing a minimum of 200 million in grant funding to this objective,” said Trump.

For those on the ground when it comes to delivering infrastructure improvements, like DOT Director Mark Lowe, having the manpower to complete projects is critical.

“As we increase infrastructure spending, there has to be people out there that are skilled enough to do the jobs," said Lowe. "That's one of those things that as we look at workforce development, the health of our contracting and construction community and available workforce for them is really an important part of how we deliver infrastructure, spending, and return on investment on infrastructure."

Lowe says while more manpower in construction and contracting is good for his department, revamping the nation’s infrastructure is a much wider scope.

“They're talking about more than roads or bridges, they're talking about broadband, they're talking about sewer, they're talking about water, they're talking about airports, even talking about things like hospitals,” he said.

Lowe says Governor Reynolds has the ear of the president, and trips like these allows her to deliver Iowa’s needs to the top of the administration

“I know she's had personal conversations with the president and with key infrastructure leadership in his administration, so I think her contacts in a range of places has been very helpful to us,” said Lowe.

Senior White House officials say Trump's visit will strictly deal with the administration's infrastructure plan, and there are no political rallies or fundraisers planned during her time in the state.

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