The Insiders, March 18th Edition: Political Controversies

IOWA  --  Iowa has joined two other states with recent political scandals.

Missouri's governor, Eric Greitens, is battling legal issues after a former mistress claims Greitens he snapped a picture of her while she was blindfolded and not fully clothed. He allegedly threatened to release the photo if the woman ever revealed their affair.

The mayor of Nashville recently quite after investigations revealed she and her bodyguard-turned-lover used taxpayer money for personal use during their trips overseas.

Then, there's Iowa.

Senate Majority Leader Bill Dix had already frustrated colleagues, the governor, and the House speaker by failing to better deal with the aftermath of the employee in his office who was sexually harassed and fired. A video was then recently released showing Dix kissing Statehouse lobbyist Lindsey McCune at a Des Moines bar.

Neither one may have broken Statehouse rules, but the incident did raise ethical questions.