Governors Ask For No RFS Changes

There is pressure in Washington to make changes to the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) and state leaders are responding.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds along with four other Midwestern governors sent a [letter](https://governor. documents/RFS%20Gov%20Letter% 20to%20POTUS%20March%202018. pdf?utm_medium=email&utm_ source=govdelivery) to President Trump, thanking him for support of the RFS and rural America.

However, they ask him to deny Texas Senator Ted Cruz's RFS waiver credit proposal, calling it a RIN price cap. The proposal would allow oil refiners to dodge RFS obligations.

The letter claims every credit issued by the EPA under the Cruz plan reduces the RFS level by one gallon. Reynolds says demand reduction would be more than one billion gallons, about a six percent decline in sales.

Reynolds says in a statement, "Any effort to undermine the RFS, including putting a cap on RINs, would be devastating for Iowa farmers and Iowa’s economy.”