Iowa State Student Arrested Following ‘Concerning’ Statements About AK-47

Billy Noy (WHO-HD)

AMES, Iowa – An Iowa State University student was arrested and charged with harassment earlier this week after another student informed them of “concerning statements” he had made about an AK-47.

University police first learned of the statements on March 9th when a student called for a safety escort because she was concerned for her safety after she says Billy Noy made statements on Facebook Messenger about an AK-47 weapon and how it worked.

The criminal complaint says Noy wrote, “Ok so here’s the thing. I want to punish people for what they did to me.” Noy did not name anyone specific at that time.

During a welfare check on Noy, an officer says he admitted to having issues with two people in the engineering club and claimed he was not being treated well by one of them. He also disclosed that others had told him to stop harassing the woman.

Noy admitted to police that it was a mistake to bring up the AK-47 and gave consent to a search for weapons. Police did not find any.

Police asked Noy about whether he wanted to hurt himself and he told them “no” but when they asked whether he wanted to hurt others he “stammered for several minutes and then said things, ‘I wanna, like, yea, I just want to, like the things with that is, with all these school shootings, I actually watch like a YouTube video in response to these school shootings.’”

The complaint says officers were alarmed after Noy, when asked what he meant about punishing someone, referenced school shootings.

Noy specifically noted a recent Sandy Hook PSA saying, “When I watched that I felt like, wow, I can like totally relate to that. Like I know how he feels. I don’t want to say like I want to do that to you, but I can totally understand, like how these people feel. I don’t want to say that I’m going to be like those people but, like anybody can do anything.”

When asked whether Noy would go to the hospital to be checked out, officers say Noy started talking about the AK-47 and how it is a “highly effective weapon.”

Police asked whether Noy had ever handled an AK-47 and Noy smiled and replied “no” but said he knew what it sounded like because of watching YouTube videos.

Police then asked whether Noy had ever been shooting before and Noy said, “No I haven’t, I mean like, I wish like, I hope that won’t happen, but yea like at the same time like, I’m not happy with my life anyway, so what do I have to loose[sic]. But why that person would kill me, like if someone were to try and kill me, they would probably have to try and kill someone else then too.”

Noy spoke with officers the following day, from the Behavioral Health Unit at Mary Greeley Medical Center, and said his life has gotten tougher since meeting the woman he is accused of harassing. He told officers he wanted to go to her club and beat her up.

He also said the woman didn’t deserve her internships and claimed he had helped her cheat on tests and assignments. He told the officer he wanted an apology from the woman and the other person in the engineering club that treated him poorly.

Noy is charged with one count of first degree harassment and was released from the Story County Jail Wednesday after a cash bond of $5,000 was posted. A preliminary hearing in the case has been scheduled for March 30th.