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ISU Student Threatened Peer With AK-47 And Police Acted Fast

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AMES, Iowa--  An Iowa State Senior is free on a $5,000 bond Thursday after being accused of threatening the safety of other students.

21-year-old Billy Noy threatened to punish people by using an assault style weapon on them.

Now he's charged with first degree harassment.

Billy Noy is accused of threatening the safety of a fellow female engineering club student.

Two weeks ago, that student requested a safety escort home from school.

“The person explained they were concerned about their welfare because Noy had posted on Facebook about an AK-47 and, about potentially harming someone," Iowa State University Police Chief Michael Newton said.

The speedy police response was welcome news to some students.

“It makes me feel safe on campus just knowing they are trying to keep us safe while we are going to classes and commuting," Student Jenna Woodal said.

According to a criminal complaint, one message from Noy said he was going to punish people for what they did to him.

Upon a welfare check police asked Noy if he wanted to hurt anyone.

Officers say his response was alarming.

“The suspect talked about PSA’s on the Sandy Hook mass shooting. Some of his body language and comments were about and, he had thoughts of harming others,” Chief Newton said.

Although, no weapon was found at Noy’s house police say other red flags prompted a ten-day stay in The Behavioral Health Unit at Mary Greeley Medical Center in Ames.

Once Noy was released from the hospital, he was taken into custody.

“We needed to review the Facebook messages, we wanted to talk to potential victims in the case,” Chief Newton said. “After talking with them it was determined that a harassment charge was appropriate".

Students we spoke say the victim showed a lot of courage speaking out.

Noy doesn’t have any prior arrest or convictions.

The Story County Attorney’s Office tell us an aggravated misdemeanor is punishable of maximum 2 years in prison.

Noy is due back in court later this month