Lotto Winner Who Molested Granddaughter is Sued by Victim’s Mother

DES MOINES, Iowa -- "One day, you know, my granddaughter`s gonna know, my grandma was there for me, and my mom," said Deborah Yanna of West Des Moines. "The people that truly love her are there to defend her."

Yanna is vowing to do whatever she can to fight on behalf of her 7 year-old granddaughter. Yanna says the system failed her granddaughter, who she says was the victim of years of abuse by her grandfather on the child's father's side; starting when the girl was two years old.

"We are here to defend her even though the law here did not defend her," said Yanna. "They defend the molesters, the pedophiles..."

Yanna is referring to what happened last month in Hardin County, when 61 year-old Dean Hilpipre of Alden was sentenced to five years of probation for the crime of lascivious acts with a child.

A 10-year prison sentence was suspended as part of a plea deal with prosecutors. Hilpipre was charged with two counts of 2nd degree sex abuse in August of 2017 and later pled guilty to the reduced charge in January.

"Dean Hilpipre took something very special from my granddaughter," said Yanna. "And, so whatever can be done to bring healing into her life and to help her to grow to be a strong and secure little girl, into a woman, that’s my hope for her.”

That's why Yanna's daughter, Kasey Hilpipre, the mother of the child, is suing Dean, asking for money to compensate for the victim's suffering.

Dean Hilpipre claimed a $100,000 prize from the Iowa Lottery just a few weeks after pleading guilty.