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Emerging Biotech Companies Showcase Innovation

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New biotechnology companies had an opportunity to show off this week in Iowa.

At Partnering for Growth, hosted by the Iowa Biotechnology Association, representatives of emerging tech companies got to pitch their ideas in front of veterans in the field.

Jude Conway Executive Director of AgVentures Alliance says it's a chance to find new ideas to look into. He saw 14 companies in one day. A few, he adds, his company will probably invest in.

For agriculture, keeping up with innovation is a way to stay ahead.

Conway says just about everything in Iowa agriculture is connected to biotechnology, "It brings jobs into the state, there are a lot of jobs that are connected with biotechnology in Iowa, and a lot of these cutting-edge technologies can't get traditional financing through a bank. They're brand new, nobody's seen it before, they've got to come to something like this, find people who are going to provide equity for their companies."

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