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Ames Deals With Sloppy Roads During Spring Storm

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AMES, Iowa  --  The so-called "spring of deception" continued in Iowa on Saturday. Although they didn’t get nearly as much snow as northeast Iowa, the residents of Ames had to deal with sloppy road conditions.

From Ankeny to Ames, the precipitation turned from rain to snow, making it much more challenging for drivers like trucker Neal Von Ahsen.

"There’s a track as far as that goes. If you get out of the track a little bit it can tend to pull you one way or the other, and I think that’s where a few people got into some problems this morning coming up to Ames," said Von Ahsen.

Though the clouds were dropping a winter mix, Von Ahsen has a slightly sunnier disposition.

"It could be worse, we could have 30 mile-per-hour winds and a lot colder temperatures than we have now, so for a snow day it’s actually kind of tropical!" he said.

For others in Ames, however, there's nothing tropical about snow at the end of March.

"It’s a lot, coming up on April and we’re shoveling again; it’s a little bit annoying. The whole Groundhog's Day thing said six more weeks of winter, I think that ended last week so, I’d like for it to end, it’d be nice," said Harrison Walker.

Shoveling out the parking lot, Walker, who works at an oil change garage in Ames, says he'll do just about anything for some sunshine and 70 degrees.

"I’d love for winter to be over, it’d be nice. I can’t wait for nice summer weather, it’ll be warm outside, we’ll get our bay doors open here, have fun outside instead of being out here in the snow," he said.

Drivers said as long as they took it safe and slow, they were able to get around without many issues.

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