The Insiders: March 25th Edition, Changing Numbers of Iowa Budget Cuts

IOWA  --  For the second year in a row, Iowa Republicans led efforts to de-appropriate money they had already promised to certain state agencies.

The overall percent was small this time--about one-third of one percent of the general fund. However, it means another $11 million in cuts to the University of Iowa and Iowa State University. The University of Northern Iowa is not part of the cuts.

The Board of Regents said in the 1998 fiscal year, approximately $480 million of state tax dollars went to the public universities, a number that has clearly gone up over the years. The current year was originally higher, but after the governor signs these latest emergency mid-year cuts, it means lawmakers are giving the universities less money than they did 20 years ago.

Political Director Dave Price discusses what this means and examines how the numbers have changed.