Omnibus Bill has Ag Fixes

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The government is funded through September 30th, congressional leaders have agreed on an omnibus appropriations bill, signed into law by President Donald Trump.

It passed the House in a vote of 256-167, Iowa Congressmen Blum and King voted against it while Congressmen Young and Loebsack voted for it.

It also made it through the Senate in a vote of 65-32, both Iowa Senators Ernst and Grassley voted against it.

The bill is criticized for giving legislators only hours to read through the more than 2,000 pages as well as the near $1.3 trillion cost.

However, agriculture groups are praising portions of the bill. Within it is a fix to the grain glitch, changing the tax reform bill in Section 199A back to Section 199, putting private grain handlers and cooperatives on an even playing field.

The bill also helps out livestock producers, it has a one year delay of the Electronic Logging Devices mandate for livestock haulers, allowing them to drive more hours. There is also an exemption for livestock producers from reporting manure emissions to the Environmental Protection Agency.

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