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College Decisions Draw Near for High School Students

DES MOINES, Iowa – High School seniors have 33 days to decide what college to attend in the fall.

Across the country schools ask for students to accept their admission offer by May 1st to know if he or she is planning to attend.

Drake University Dean of Admission Anne Kremer said she tells high school students to weigh out the pros and cons when it comes to choosing a college.

“As students are going through I think it’s what type of learner are you, what are the outcomes, and then fit. How does it feel? That gut feel, what does it mean to them,” Kremer said.

Kremer said as of Wednesday the university has reached a record of 6,700 applicants for the upcoming school year.

“I think that it indicates that Drake is on the minds of a lot of students. You just never know how the numbers will fall from an enrollment stand point,” Kremer said.

Kremer said the university asks students to have their tuition and housing deposit in by May 1st to guarantee a spot at Drake.

East High School Senior Cindy Delgado said scholarships were a major factor when deciding which university to attend and looked to her counselor for support.

“Whenever I had questions I would come in and ask when I necessarily don’t have anyone else to ask,” Delgado said.

East High School Counselor Lauren Brandt-Erickson said conversations about financial aid and how to pay for school are most common with her students.

“The financial aid piece of it seems to be the most complicated and sometimes misunderstood. We try to provide as much support for that part of it as possible, and we do a lot of outreach to families and make sure the school is a great resource for them,” Brandt-Erickson said.

East High School Senior Karla Travis achieved a goal this year set from a young age: to graduate early.

“I am proud of myself, because I did this and I am doing this. I mean two months and I am done with East. I will be the first one going to college in my family,” Travis said.

Travis is graduating high school after three years and will be attending Des Moines Area Community College in the fall.

“There is nothing better than a student coming in and sharing with us they have been accepted to the school they were interested in,” Brandt-Erickson said.

Brandt-Erickson said choosing a college is a big decision, but not the only one.

“We do put a lot of pressure on them at a young age to get this all figured out. As much as we want them to go to college, there are so many other options as well. It is a whole other conversation, talking about all of the other options available that aren’t just when we think of when we think of college. That four-year degree,” Brandt-Erickson said.

Other options students choose after high school graduation include: the military, a gap year, apprenticeships, opportunities in a trade, etc.