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Grinnell Ag Teacher Awarded Golden Apple

GRINNELL, Iowa -- When accepting the Golden Apple Award, agriculture teacher and FFA advisor Ashley Wolfe, joked she smelled like hog. Jokes aside, her love for agriculture is what the students who nominated her love about her the most.

Wolfe, is a school-wide favorite at Grinnell High School and has been since she first started here more than a decade ago with a knack for getting students hooked on all things agriculture.

"My cousin who is older than me had Mrs. Wolfe and really liked her,"  says student Kaylin Kingergy. "She said that was the only thing I had to do in high school, so I enrolled in ag class my freshman year and I stuck with it for four years because of Mrs. Wolfe."

That same word of mouth is what led student teacher, Danielle James into Wolfe's classroom.

"Some people that told me who knew Grinnell and Mrs. Wolfe told me that we would make a really good fit together in terms of being a mentor and student teaching here," she says.

The praise is humbling for the teacher who considers herself to be a mother-like figure for many of her students.

"A lot of them call me their school mom and I guess I do feel like that because they know we are still going to have fun and that I'm going to hold them accountable. I still have expectations for them and they don`t want to let me down," says Wolfe. She adds, "It is always fun seeing what they are going to do with their lives afterwards. I do feel responsible for their learning what they become afterwards and I want them to be their best."