Hope Ministries Serves Thousand of Easter Meals Around Community

Hope Ministries (WHO-HD)

IOWA  —  Not everyone in the metro had a place to go this Easter, which is why Hope Ministries opens up its doors to anyone.

Each year, workers cook and prepare a feast to share with the community. This year they served 200 meals on site with another 1,300 delivered to those needing an Easter meal.

For some, it’s a chance to give back to a group that has helped them.

“Over a year ago I came in, this is where I started my journey with Hope Ministries, was right here,” said Dustin Worthington. “I signed up for their life recovery program and I completed that program, and shortly after that I got offered a job here to work for Hope Ministries and give back to the organization that helped me get to where I am today.”

Hope Ministries also operates a Meals for Hope program that serves more than 450 people each day. It’s the oldest and largest program of its kind in Iowa.