Metro Businesses Weigh in on 63rd Street Closure

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa  --  The City of West Des Moines closed 63rd Street from Grand Avenue to Railroad Avenue on Monday, and some of the local businesses are worried about the closure’s effect.

True Value owner Todd Treese said his store has been open for 36 years at the corner of Grand and 63rd, and its loyal customers are what helps get the business through.

“We experienced the widening of Grand. We experienced the bridge being put in. And number one, I have very loyal customers and if they could find a way to get in, they did. So we are very fortunate at that,” Treese said. However, he is a little concerned because it’s happening during his busiest time of year.

“It does concern me. April, May, and June are my best months of the year and I’m a little apprehensive. There’s a lot of traffic that goes through 63rd and Grand,” he said.

Treese even took extra measures this year because he saw this coming.

“We’ve added a little more advertising to the budget this year to cover this because we knew it was going to happen sometime.”

Service Advisor Ken Roberts with United Fleet Automotive Repair Centers said his company isn't too worried about losing business, but is more worried about traffic.

“Late afternoon on Fridays you got traffic that’s backed up all the way to Railroad, that comes up through here. I can only imagine what it’s going to be like going around and then coming back on Grand,” Roberts said.

He’s even heard some complaints from people who live in the area.

“I have heard some from my customers that live over on the back street over here worried about the traffic going through their neighborhoods and stuff, people speeding and different things. They’re kind of concerned about that,” Roberts said.

Treese said even though it might take away a small amount business for nine weeks, flood control in the area is important.

“They’ve done so much to alleviate the flooding in our area," he said. "Yes, when we get a strong rain storm, Grand Avenue has trouble taking care of the water and flash flooding does happen, and so, yeah, in those cases I think it will be good."