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Largest Turnout for This Year’s ‘Junior Achievement Market Challenge’

JOHNSTON, Iowa – For the first time, central Iowa high school students will listen to different companies before participating in a Junior Achievement Market Challenge.

Students will sit down with companies like Meredith, the CFA Society, John Deere and more to listen about different jobs and internships the companies have to offer.

President of Junior Achievement Central Iowa Ryan Osborn said the Market Challenge aims to teach students what a 60-day cycle of the stock market is like.

“We are trying to get them connected to the real world. Try to have them what they are applying in the classroom, maybe math concepts and things about the stock market for example. Then be able to come and apply it in a real simulated environment so they can really apply the concept they learned,” Osborn said.

Over 200 students from 15 different central Iowa high schools will experience the stock market simulation Tuesday. This is the largest market challenge Junior Achievement Central Iowa.

Teams of four receive half a million dollars to be a portfolio manager for the day and decide what to buy and sell.

“I think what we hear from the teachers is just that they value that simulated environment. They can open up their textbook in the class, talk about the stock market, talk about risk and analysis when it comes to looking at finances and financial literacy concepts. But, to actually be able to have the kids do it, and for that day become a portfolio manager,” Osborn said.

The simulation lasts for about an hour and a half. During the day students will visit college booths, talk to business owners and learn about different career paths within the business world.

Students begin to arrive at John Deere Financial Conference Center at 9:00 a.m.

The winner will receive a trophy and bragging rights.