University of Iowa Improving ‘Nite Ride’ Service to Increase Campus Safety

IOWA CITY, Iowa  --  The University of Iowa is trying to prevent sexual assault and other dangerous situations by rolling out improvements to its Nite Ride service on campus.

Nite Ride operates from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. Public safety officers drive the vans and give about 150-250 rides every shift. The service is coming out with a new app so U of I students and staff can request a ride.

The goal is to reduce wait times, and the new app also comes with an express option so people can get a ride directly where they need to go.

"No matter where you are, we don't want somebody to wait in the middle of the night when it's dark out. We want to minimize that, which is the purpose of this new app," said Beau Hartsock, security supervisor of the University of Iowa Department of Public Safety.

At $1 a ride, Nite Ride is also cheaper than other ride-sharing services.