Big Changes to the Armory and Des Moines’ River Front

DES MOINES, Iowa --  Another new development is about to take shape along the Des Moines River.

The historic Argonne Armory piqued the interest of a few organizers from Des Moines and this could be music to people's ears.

The fate of nearly 70,000 square feet on Des Moines's coveted river front is in the hands of the city council.

Christensen Development is working with Live Nation Entertainment out of Los Angeles to turn the building into two new music venues.

“A 2,000 and an 800-person music venue along with support space and entertainment space with in," Jake Christensen President Christensen Development said.

Christensen says this would give Des Moines a leg up on big name concerts but, Dan Green a local music promoter says it would do more harm than good.

“This is an actual negative thing we do what Live Nation does already they would basically come in and take all the business and buy up all the tours and put everything into one venue," Dan Green Director of 515 Alive Music Festival said.

But Christensen says that’s not likely.

“All of our conversations with Live Nation have been about collaborating with the local music scene as opposed to the opposite,” Christensen said.

Hubbell Realty also has plans for the site.

The real estate giant wants to build twenty-nine apartments mixed with other amenities.

“We see here is a combination of housing along with some retail, an outfitter that sort of thing to compliment one of the most exciting venues in Central Iowa,” Rick Tollakson Hubbell Reality CEO said.

Des Moines-based Blackbird Investments is eyeing The Armory too.

That plan includes building twenty-four condominiums.

People like Dan Green are eager to see what happens next, “From a consumer stand point they look at it as it’s a new venue that’s great," Green exclaimed.

The city says the three plans are scheduled to be presented to city council by the end of the month.

By that time the organizations should have some idea of how much it will cost to renovate the property and, it is likely tax credits will be part of the equation.