Carla Bousman Scheduled to Enter Guilty Plea Friday

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ADEL, Iowa  --  Sabrina Ray's adoptive grandmother is expected to plead guilty on Friday to her role in covering up the abuse of the teen before her death.

63-year-old Carla Bousman is scheduled to enter a guilty plea tomorrow afternoon at the Dallas County Courthouse in Adel.  Bousman is charged with kidnapping, child endangerment and obstructing justice for alleged concealing the abuse of Sabrina Ray and her adoptive siblings.

Sabrina weighed just 56 pounds when she was found unresponsive in her home in Perry in May 2017.  Her adoptive parents, Marc and Misty Ray, are each charged with First Degree Murder for Sabrina's death.  Their trial date has not yet been set as the court considers multiple pre-trial motions.

Sabrina's adoptive brother, Justin Ray, is serving the first of two consecutive five year prison sentences currently.  He plead guilty to two counts of willful injury in February for physically abusing Sabrina.

An adoptive cousin, Josie Bousman, is also charged with concealing Sabrina Ray's abuse.  She has agreed to testify against other family members.