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‘Pivot From the Politics and Posturing,’ Iowa Farmer Challenges President Trump to Come to His Farm

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  Beans are Bill Shipley's life near Nodaway. So are some hogs and corn. They all face higher tariffs because of the ongoing trade war between President Donald Trump and China.

On Tuesday, Shipley took advantage of his time before a microphone as he stood next to Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds and offered an official invitation. "I would like to invite President Donald Trump to my farm."

Shipley said he wants the President to see "how we do it. What we're going to do."

Shipley is anxious about what a long-term trade dispute could do if higher tariffs mean Chinese customers seek beans from other countries.

He offered a message, one that political observers might not consider "politically correct" during his remarks at the governor's weekly news conference, which focused on the trade war. "Pivot from the politics and posturing to resolving this escalating trade dispute," Shipley urged the two countries' leaders that are involved in discussions.

Although, Tuesday, China's President Xi Jinping offered some comments that Iowa's agriculture community viewed as optimistic, hoping he could make some concessions that might resolve some of the differences between the two countries.

A Purdue University study looked at what a longer-term dispute could mean, in case this situation drags on.

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