Speed Stacking Takes Local Kid to World Championship

URBANDALE, Iowa  --  In many sports you sprint with your legs but in Speed Stacking you sprint with your arms.

One 11-year-old from Walnut Hills Elementary competed in the speed stacking World Championship in Florida.

“It’s a sport where you’ve never seen anything like it. Usually when it’s on video people think it’s sped up,” said 5th grader at Walnut Hills Elementary School Ethan Biggerstaff.

When it comes to speed stacking all you need is 12 cups, a mat, a timer and a lot of patience and practice.

Biggerstaff said he has been practicing almost everyday for two years. Earlier this month he came in 14th place in the preliminary round of the World Championship in Florida. He said even though he could not communicate with many of his competitors, “it was pretty cool like comparing times and stuff and we could meet and we could do races with each other.”

Biggerstaff caught the speed stacking itch in 3rd grade gym class. Walnut Hills Physical education teacher Chris Roberts incorporates speed stacking with physical warm ups. He said it helps increase hand-eye coordination.

“It also works on building connections between the right hemisphere and the left hemisphere in the brain which is something we’re really looking to do as well,” Roberts said.

If you want to see some of the best competitors in person, Speed Stacking is a part of the Junior Olympics which Des Moines is hosting in July.