Crews Say Weather Could Help in Search for Missing Teen

LA PORTE CITY, Iowa  --  Six days have passed since 16-year-old Jake Wilson, a La Porte City resident who has autism, went missing.

Officials called off volunteers on Thursday to focus in on more dangerous areas. Divers are working to search the bottom of Wolf Creek for any sign of the teenager. With Friday's impending severe weather, crews are worried they won't get to search for the full day; however, the rain could be beneficial.

"Any time that we have a rise in the water level, we have a lifting of log jams, a lifting of those objects that are in the water. In some ways that helps. We have some mechanisms in place that, as we have some of that and things break loose, we are catching that down stream in different areas to be doubly sure that if he is in the water, he isn't getting past us," said Black Hawk County Sheriff Tony Thompson.

Black Hawk County officials are still accepting tips from the public about Wilson's whereabouts.