Spring Break Phone Scam Hits Metro Iowa

URBANDALE, Iowa  --  Urbandale police are warning of a nationwide kidnapping scam that has reached the metro.

The scam involves a call from someone asking for money for the return of a relative who was allegedly taken captive while on spring break. The scammers find information about spring breakers through social media posts, ask for money or personal information, and use it to steal your identity. Urbandale police and the FBI say if you receive a similar call, do not send money. Instead, contact local law enforcement. They also say it is good practice to keep an eye on your personal information.

"We recommend that you just keep an eye on your credit, that you remain diligent. And, again, if something is too good to be true, it probably is. Do your research and your homework and make sure that you're out there using your money wisely," said Sergeant Chad Underwood.

Officials say one way to avoid getting this or similar calls is to make sure you set your social media to the highest privacy settings.