Iowa Towns & Farms Sustain Damage in High Winds Friday Night

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STORY CITY, Iowa  --  Storms rolled across Iowa Friday night doing damage in several locations throughout the state.

In Story City, several buildings sustained heavy damage in the Story City Industrial Park.  One firm damaged does repairs to wind turbines. The roadway in the industrial park remains  blocked off on Saturday.

Also, a number of farm buildings were damaged north and east of Story City. Edgar Christian went to the basement on his farm last night.

"I was in the basement, it was blowing hard, I came up and my wife looked out the window and said the barn’s gone, and I in disbelief..oh really?" said Christian. "Then we looked out south and saw some black clouds kind of rotating."

Christian's barn was full of a recent hay crop, the roof of the barn was ripped off.  Another shed suffered damage, and he lost five trees.

“It happened just before dark, we got the sheep out of there this morning," said Christian.

Officials in Greene County worked to clear blocked roadways in Jefferson on Friday night.

On Highway 20 between Eldora and Iowa Falls, an 18-wheeler was flipped on its side.

Several road signs along I-35 were bent over to the ground by the high winds.

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