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Search Crews Still Working to Locate Missing La Porte City Teen

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LA PORTE CITY, Iowa  --  Saturday marks the seventh day since a La Porte City teen has been missing.

On Friday, all eyes were trained on the water as crews searched Wolf Creek in hopes of finding something to bring 16-year-old Jake Wilson home, reports KWWL's Taylor Bailey.

"Nothing that we have had evaluated negates a story involving the water, nothing that we have evaluated indicates anything other than a resolution that revolves around the water, however the more we check the water and the water isn't giving us any answers, the more we have to continue," said Black Hawk County Sheriff Tony Thompson.

Some parts of the creek where crews were searching could be 15 feet deep, but everything must be checked.

"Eliminate area, that's all we can do," said La Porte City Police Chief Chris Brecher.

The sheriff's office asking the public to submit any photos or videos from La Porte City taken on Saturday, the last day Jake was seen. Officials say they're looking for any possible clues that could be used to locate him.

Crews are also keeping a close eye on the forecast.

"We can work in the rain, and frankly they are already in the water, so, but it's when the severe stuff comes in, that's when really keep an eye on, if they are starting to talk hail and high winds, that's an issue," said Brecher.

However, they're still staying motivated.

"We are still hopeful, we are still dedicated, we are still working our tails off."

Sheriff Thompson says investigators have been looking into other 9-1-1 calls, even for things as mundane as a broken down car, and they have also executed several search warrants in efforts to find Jake and bring him home.

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