’60 Minutes’ Report Takes Aim at Allegiant Air

LAS VEGAS – A story by CBS’ 60 Minutes targeted a low-budget airline that operates flights out of the Des Moines International Airport.

The news magazine released a scathing report on Allegiant Air, which flies direct from Des Moines to places like Florida, Arizona, and Las Vegas.

The 60 Minutes report showed that Allegiant flights are nearly four times as likely to have major mechanical issues as any other airline in America. It also showed that Allegiant has disciplined or fired pilots for reporting safety problems.

The investigation covered a seven-month period in 2016 and, though Allegiant has never had a fatal crash, it revealed more than 100 serious mechanical incidents from engine failures to smoke in the cabins.

The report also accused the FAA of failing to crack down on Allegiant for its problems.