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After Finding Snake in Bathtub, Couple Wants Money Back and Out of Their Lease

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- A snake in a bathtub has one couple speaking out; they're demanding their money back and they want out of their lease. And, the snake isn't the only problem they say they have with their apartment.

"The water damage, after the first snowfall, there's a big bulge in our room on the side of the wall and there's like brown water seeping through it. Mice. We`ve seen a rat."

Tanarra Gray says unit # 2 at the Clarkson Woods Apartments at 2535 Clarkson Ave, has been a nightmare ever since she, her son, and her fiance moved in on January 1st.

"What you see on the wall here, that wasn't like that when we first moved in here," said Gray. "It was a little bulge..."

Gray says ever since she and her family moved into the apartment unit, they discovered problem after problem.

From mold...

"My sister is allergic to mold, has asthma. She can't even walk in this apartment...."

To windows that Gray says were not installed properly.

"It was not closed," said Gray. "We taped this whole wall off with plastic and duck tape, because we thought maybe it would help it not freeze in here, but it didn`t."

And then came a snake.

"Recently a snake came through the drain and so that was the final straw," said Gray. "We left. We`ve been staying at my mom's house."

Gray wasn't home at the time that the limbless reptile slithered through.

"I was at work and my fiancé called me crying," said Gray. "My godson and my son were in the background crying and she told me that there was this snake in the bathroom. My son went to use the bathroom and my five-year-old is the one who found it."

WHO-TV Channel 13 News asked the landlord, Ryan Winter of RE Specialists, L.L.C., to do an interview for this report. Winter declined, but he did say off camera that maintenance did remove what he called a garden snake from the bathtub.

"I don`t care what snake it was," said Gray. "It shouldn't have been in my apartment, either way it goes. I mean, a snake is a snake and it shouldn't have been in my apartment."

"Clearly there are some things that need to be taken care of," said Marquese Morris, Owner of MJ & A Remodel Experts LLC. Morris is the subcontractor that's been hired to take care of those things and he says he's aware of Gray's complaints.

"This is an older building," said Morris. "When things like this come under new management, things that go on through the seasons aren't really foreseeable. You know, if you have, sort of, foundation issues, the ground is starting to thaw out. Things are starting to crack, so with an older building those issues are to be expected."


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