CDC Says Romaine Lettuce is Source of e. Coli Breakout

Romaine lettuce

An e. Coli outbreak has the Centers for Disease Control recommending consumers throw out their Romaine lettuce if they aren’t able to verify where it came from.

You may have noticed, it’s been hard to find romaine lettuce at stores or restaurants this week.

The CDC is asking consumers and stores double check their products because of an e. Coli outbreak linked to chopped Romaine lettuce found in 11 states. So far, the illness has affected 35 people.

The source of the e. Coli has been identified as from a growing area in Yuma, Arizona, but no common grower or supplier has been identified and that’s why no official recall has been issued. Some companies have issued voluntary recalls.

The CDC advises consumers who cannot verify where their romaine lettuce came from to throw it away.

Restaurants and retailers are being told to do the same thing.

In an abundance of caution, Hy-Vee’s across the state pulled all Romaine lettuce products from shelves until they can verify where their lettuce was grown. They expect to have lettuce again by the end of the week.