Former Mr. Massage Client Wants Money Back

CLIVE, Iowa--  There are more legal questions for the owner of a Clive massage parlor who was arrested Monday for allegedly sexually abusing at least one client.

Gage Bauer is charged with Sexual Abuse 3rd Degree and Assault with Intent to Commit Sexual Assault.  He's accused of performing a sex act on a 17-year-old client and attempting to perform a sex act on another female client.

Emma Williams is a former client.  She says the news of Bauer's arrest has left her in shock.  "Those are not mild charges, especially the first one.  It’s incredibly disturbing," Williams said.

Williams says she wasn't sexually abused during her massage in January, but she says she felt anything but relaxed.  “It was kind of an uncomfortable atmosphere I would say, and I don’t know how to really put finger on it; there was just something a little off," Williams said.

She’s not alone.  There are dozens of people who left similar reviews on Groupon.

Williams and her mom purchased $90.00 worth of Groupon vouchers to Mr. Massage.  “Well we are hoping to get our money back my mom just purchased one a couple weeks ago for $25.00," Williams said.

We checked Groupon's frequently asked questions and found that if William's can prove that Mr. Massage closed before she could spend her vouchers the company says, “They'd love to help”.

Williams says that would be great, but she's even more grateful someone called the police.  “I am so thankful they did come forward because it traumatic and scary and it can happen to any of us," Williams said.

Bauer is now free on a $10,000 bond.  His preliminary hearing is scheduled for April 27th 2018.