Iowa Plane Crash Victim Missing $5K After First Responders Rescued Him



DES MOINES, Iowa -- A maiden voyage that ended unceremoniously.  "On take off, I had the wind change direction on me," said, 43 year old Lake View resident Jason Beckman had just purchased the Quicksilver GT400 from the original owner in Maxwell on April 5th.  That is when he crashed into the open field."A very expensive and short flight," joked Beckman.

Polk County Sheriff's Office, Maxwell Fire Department, Iowa State Patrol, Iowa Department of Transportation, Story County Medical Center, and Life Flight all responded to the scene near NE 150th Ave and NE 104th Street.  While Beckman was life-flighted to Des Moines with shattered bones in both legs, one thing never made it back.  His $5,000 that he had in his wallet,  "I had taken more with me then necessary because I wasn't sure what plane I was going to buy that day."

Beckman thought he'd narrowed down where his wallet was.  "We proceed to get a hold of the EMTs from the helicopter and they told us Polk County said they did have my wallet so we called Polk County and they said we don't have it."

Beckman says he became suspicious after a phone call Monday.  "I got a call from the sheriff's department that was beyond the pale.  She was very hostile very mean. She wanted me to prove where I got the money from and wanted receipts."

The Polk County Sheriff's office says they are investigating Beckman's claims.  "Basically I felt like I was being treated like a common criminal asking to prove where my money came from," he said.

Beckman admits he shouldn't have been flying.  "Some people my think it is irrational to buy an airplane you are not qualified to fly in and haven't had the flight training.  Clearly I'm gonna suffer the consequences of that for a while but it was my money."  Money Beckman hopes he can recover quickly, much like his health.  "Injuries you just do what you need to do. You push through it and get better but now I`m in a fight that I don't know how to fight."

Beckman hopes to be moved to a nursing facility where he can begin rehab this week. It could be another three months before he can walk again.