‘Pinky’ Released from Animal Rescue League Custody After Two Years

Pinky (Courtesy: Dianna Helmers)

DES MOINES, Iowa – A dog that has been held at the Animal Rescue League since 2016 after being labeled “dangerous” following an incident involving a cat, has been released to her owner after a lengthy court fight.

The dog, Pinky, was designated a pit bull by the city of Des Moines, which considers it a “high risk” breed.

Pinky has been in the custody of the ARL since March of 2016, when a neighbor’s cat was injured. The cat’s owner saw Pinky carrying the cat in its mouth before yelling at Pinky to drop the cat. The case report goes on to say the cat then ran up the tree and stayed there for an hour.

Pinky’s original owner sold her to Dianna Helmers, who runs a shelter and took over the fight to save the dog after the city said it wanted to euthanize Pinky.

Earlier this month, the Iowa Court of Appeals ruled in Pinky’s favor, saying the city’s ordinance on dangerous animals is too vague. The court ordered Pinky to be returned to her owner.

According to Helmers’ Facebook page, Pinky was released to her Monday.

The Des Moines Register reports the city of Des Moines is appealing the ruling to the State Supreme Court and Helmers’ custody of Pinky is temporary while the court case continues.