Party Bus Business Closing After Weekend Rollover

DES MOINES, Iowa  --  A local bus provider is closing down after a crash over the weekend.

Customers received calls saying they won't be getting the bus they reserved.

"This is Scott with the Elite Party Bus. After our little accident, thank god nobody was seriously hurt last Saturday, we decided to close up the business effective immediately. We just never want to get a call like that again, so we've made the tough decision after 12 years to close it up and move on and go in a different direction," said a voicemail left by Scott Blaha of the Elite Party Bus company.

Heidi Weiss is one customer who got the call after she booked a bus from the company for this weekend. She didn't lose any money since she was to pay the day of the service.

The decision to close came after a Saturday crash on Interstate 80 in Waukee. Investigators believe the steering went out on the bus, causing it to lose control and roll into a ditch. Nearly two dozen people were on board at the time; five were taken the hospital with bumps, scrapes, and concussions.

The Iowa DOT is still investigating the crash.