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When Will it End? Residents in Dows Deal With April Snow

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DOWS, Iowa  --  Iowans in the path of Wednesday's snow storm are asking Mother Nature, 'when will it end?'

“We've had enough. We're over it,” said Megan Ring.

Travel north of Highway 20 and you’ll find plenty of people who have seen their fair share of snow this year, and for some, more than their fair share.

“It's been a long time since I remember it being this bad,” said Ring.

Ring says she remembers it snowing in May when her son was born five years ago, but can’t remember anything like the April snow showers she saw Wednesday. She says the weather has been unreal.

“At four o’clock this morning we heard the thunder and then it started to hail and sleet. Pretty soon my husband got up, he works for the county, and took off and he called and said, 'now it's snow!’ So we weren't sure what we were going to wake up to,” she said.

For others like Josh Bolhuis, all they can do is laugh.

“Every time we think it's going to straighten out, we get more, so I'm ready for summer!” he chuckled.

So is Matt MacKillop, who found himself driving from the twin cities down to St. Louis.

“They're slushy, they're icy, it looks like they're doing a pretty good job with the plows, but it's pretty much white-out conditions most of the way for about the last hour and a half or two hours,” he said.

No stranger to snow, MacKillop says even he's surprised at how long this winter has dragged on.

“I'm originally from Michigan, and I've never seen anything quite like this. Between this and the 13-16 inches we got in the twin cities last weekend, this is pretty eye opening,” said MacKillop.

Some places north of Highway 20 saw around five inches of snow during the most recent storm.

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