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Earth Day Trash Bash Expects to Pick Up More than 80,000 Pounds of Garbage

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  As the snow melts, it reveals just how much garbage was underneath. You can see it on the side of the roads, in parking lots, on the trails and at parks. Des Moines Parks and Recreation is hosting its Earth Day Trash Bash to help pick up garbage around the city.

“Winter, although it still seems to be around, left a lot of debris in the park system and it’s really a good way to get out and get it cleaned up and get the parks ready for spring and summer,” Des Moines Parks and Recreation Marketing Supervisor Jen Fletcher said.

Des Moines Parks and Rec has nearly 2,000 volunteers coming out to clean up around the city starting Friday at noon at Prospect Park.

Frequent visitors of Prospect Park say they are shocked by how quickly the trash piles up and want everyone to do their part in keeping Des Moines clean and beautiful.

“It’s hard sometimes with my dog, it’s just I worry about her stepping on glass. It’s a really nice park but people are just like throwing stuff all over the place,” Des Moines resident Jeri Carr said.

Plastic and glass bottles, plastic bags, food wrappers and hundreds of cigarette butts litter the park.

“I don’t think people realize the impact it has on the environment, I don’t think they realize the impact it has on their city dollars, on their budget, on how much it costs the city, the county, the state to clean up after them,” Fletcher said.

With summer right around the corner Carr hopes people take responsibility and throw their garbage away, “If you see people throwing garbage and stuff everywhere, just speaking up, this is our city and it’s really pretty, but you know sometimes we have to speak up and do our part to and just say if anything, you know what I’ll go pick it up.”

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