Male Decorah Eagle Absent From Nest

DECORAH, Iowa  —  The Raptor Resource Project is on the lookout for the male eagle featured on the Decorah Eagles’ Nest Cam.

On Facebook, the RRP says Dad Decorah hasn’t been seen at his nest with Mom Decorah and the eaglets in a couple days, so crews are now working to figure out where he may have gone. Another male eagle has been spotted near the original nest, but this bird doesn’t appear to be Dad. However, they say Mom seems to be accepting of the bird so he’s likely not a threat to the eaglets, who have spent the warm day eating and enjoying some sun in their nest.

Raptor Resource Project officials say Dad disappeared for two days last year, and although they don’t know where he went, he did return to the nest. Mom is still taking care of the eaglets in the meantime, as the search for Dad Decorah continues.

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