The Hunt is On: Glass Eggs Hidden in Water Works Park

DES MOINES, Iowa  --  The Easter Bunny hopped out of town nearly three weeks ago, but that doesn't mean the hunt for hidden eggs is over.

Officials at Water Works Park are asking for help from the public--especially kids. They believe hundreds of eggs are hidden in the park. These aren't the hard-boiled kind and they aren't filled with candy; instead, they're decorated glass eggs and are reportedly all at the perfect level for kids to find.

Water Works CEO Bill Stowe is being coy about where the eggs came from, but the organization hopes they bring families out to celebrate spring.

"When you find them, they're yours, but we do suggest that you take a picture of it and with #WWPDSM, post a picture on the web because we think that there are probably hundreds of these out here in the north end of the park, north of the Raccoon River, based on our modeling, and we encourage folks to come out, spend some time here, beautiful spring day as we turn from winter to spring," said Stowe.

There are 500 eggs that were handmade by a local artist.