Mushroom Hunting Temperatures Almost Here

Morel Mushrooms

IOWA  —  Morel mushroom hunters will have to wait a bit before they start picking.

This year’s season has been delayed because of cold temperatures and a late snow. Hunters see morels when the soil is about 50 degrees. That temperature is getting closer, but it may still be about a week or so until morels can be found on normal paths–but that doesn’t mean hunters can’t start their search!

“Morels are really camouflaged, they’re hard to find, so you have to go out, spend some time in the woods, know the trees that you want to look around. There’s certain species of trees that morels grow around. If you know what those are and you know the timing, you’ll be successful,” said Brian Preston of the Dubuque County Conservation Board.

Preston said this season the trees to check out are black ash and elm.