Urbandale Expects to Pick Up 800 Tons of Trash During Spring Clean-Up

URBANDALE, Iowa – Metro Waste Authority is hosting free spring clean-ups across the metro to help people get rid of large items for free.

The city of Urbandale is having its spring clean-up during resident’s regularly scheduled trash day.

Urbandale’s Public Works Assistant Director Tim Stovie said additional help is hired during the week.

“It is an expensive program. It costs about a $100,000 a year to do the whole spring clean-up program. We shut down our operations for a week and every employee is involved in the collection,” Stovie said.

Stovie said normally the city picks up about 220 tons of garbage a week, but during spring clean-up Public Works estimates it will pick up around 800 tons of garbage.

Stovie said there are certain items the city will not pick up.

“We don’t want large piles of construction debris. We want people to limit roughly to a pick-up load of just loose garbage that doesn’t include larger things like couches, beds, things like that. As far as just a pile of junk you’re putting out there, we want you to limit it to about a pick-up,” Stovie said.

Urbandale residents will need to buy a $15.00 sticker at the city’s administration building if the individual wants to throw away appliances.

Public Affairs Manager for Metro Waste Authority Leslie Irlbeck said during the year people are told to buy a $5.00 sticker for items like a couch, bed, table, etc.

Irlbeck said certain items like tires, batteries and hazardous waste need additional care and may not be picked up at the curb.

“They just need to be properly handled in a different way. They do not belong in the landfill. A good thing to know is anything you put to the curb this time of year ultimately winds up in the landfill. If there is any materials in an item that just need proper care, sometimes it can still be recycled like tires, but they belong off to the side and we will take care of those in a different way,” Irlbeck said.

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