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Des Moines Police Kept Busy With Three Car Chases in 24 Hours

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- Over the hours of Wednesday and Thursday, Des Moines Police were busy with three separate car chases, two of which hit speeds in the triple digits.

First, around 9:45 p.m. Wednesday night officers attempted to pull over 36 year-old Shawn Foy for a traffic violation. Foy then started a chase in what was found to be a stolen vehicle. Police say Foy took off westbound on I-235 hitting speeds around 100 miles per hour. Foy lost control and crashed between 22nd Street and the Valley West Drive Exits. The car flipped several times and he was launched from the car.

“He’s fortunate he was ejected because it probably wouldn't have been a survivable crash if he hadn't been thrown clear of it” said Des Moines Police Spokesman Sgt. Paul Parizek.

Foy is in critical condition for an unrelated health issue.

Foy's facing several charges related to the chase and narcotics police found on him. The second chase, police say, was more complicated.

They were called to a residence for a suicidal 21 year-old man just before 1 a.m.

“Prior to us arriving there he had taken a firearm and left the house” said Parizek.

Police found him near 31st street and I-235, driving erratically to try to get the officer’s attention.  When police tried to pull him over, the man took off north towards Ames. The chase hit speeds of over 100 miles per hour and the Story County Sheriff’s office used spike strips to stop the car.

When the car slowed down, the driver fired at least one shot from the car towards officers. Officer Dustin Wing returned fire and the gunfire stopped. After a short standoff in which negotiations failed, officers used a bean bag round to break the driver’s side window.  The driver tossed his handgun out of the window and was taken into custody.

“That worked, and we were able to bring this to a peaceful conclusion considering it could have gone horribly wrong” said Parizek.

Officer Wing is on administrative leave per department policy.

“We need to do the right thing for him as an employee, we need to make sure we get him into see the psychologist to make sure he's dealing well with the incident because these are very traumatic situations for our officers” said Parizek.

The third chase started this morning just after 9 a.m. when an officer tried to pull over a 17 year-old Lincoln High School student for speeding.  He hit the gas instead, blowing through several stop signs.  The chase ended when he drove down a dead-end street near Park Avenue Elementary and surrendered to police.

Police say it was a busy 24 hours, but they’re not too tired to do their jobs.

“As long as we’re not crashing cars we can chase you all day long, it’s not our gas” said Parizek.

Police say the summer enforcement team has been activated as they expect crime rates to rise with the temperature.

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