‘Iowa College Aid’ Uses Baseball as a Tool for STEM Learning

DES MOINES, Iowa – Three-hundred high school students will spend Thursday at Principal Park and see how STEM learning is used in the real world.

“STEM at the Ballpark” aims to show Iowa College Aid GEAR UP students that STEM principles apply to baseball.

GEAR UP is a federal program that prepares students and their families for college. The program serves 12 low-income districts across the state.

Sophomore students from both Perry and Des Moines Public Schools will be attending.

Iowa College Aid Spokesperson Elizabeth Keest Sedrel said this is the first year using baseball as a learning tool.

“One of the things we really hope will happen from 'STEM at the Ballpark' is that they don’t just learn the lessons that are presented here today, but they see the real-world applications which could get them thinking about their careers and what college degrees and training they will need to get there,” Keest Sedrel said.

Students will learn from different professionals about the physics behind a curveball, math of game theory, nutritional requirements, stadium technology, science of turf grass, sports medicine and see a drone demonstration.

“Kids learn really well when you can get them out of their usual environment, and when you can let them do hands on activities. This is really important to get them engaged in these science-based topics,” Keest Sedrel said.

STEM stand for science, technology, engineering and mathematics.