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Fire in Webster County Destroys Trailer Homes

COALVILLE, Iowa -- A fire in Coalville Monday afternoon destroyed two trailer homes, and damaged two others. Webster County authorities got the call just after three o'clock. When they arrived on scene at Woodland Acres, one trailer home was fully engulfed. The strong winds caused the flames to quickly spread to other nearby trailer homes. The Webster County Sheriff's Office says a husband and wife and three children were inside their trailer home, when the fire began.

"The male come outside, seen the leaf pile on fire, and was able to get all the kids, his wife out, and then was able to get to the manager's house," said Sgt. Jayson Heesch. "And, then they began evacuating nearby trailers."

Sgt. Heesch says the fire started with a pile of leaves, but he's not sure how. No one was injured. The Salvation Army is assisting the residents who were displaced by the fire.