Stolen Bulldog Returned Home Safe Thanks to Social Media and Friends

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa -- A beloved bulldog is now home safe after being stolen from his owner's car Sunday afternoon.

Abbie Mork said her dog, Tank, was taken while she and her nephew ran an errand at Jordan Creek Mall.

“When we came back out he was just gone. The car hadn’t been broken into and didn’t look like it was vandalized. They were able to reach their hand in through the window and open and unlock the door,” Mok said

Mork said they took her dog, her car charger and shuffled some things around in her car.

“It was very evident that this wasn’t somebody thinking he was overheating in the car incident. We knew that very quickly,” Mork said.

Mork said she made sure Tank had plenty of air and the sun wasn’t shining directly into the car.

Surveillance video from Scheels showed a white SUV pulling up next to her car.

So she took to social media and called everyone she knew, including the police to help find her dog.

“Our friend Branden, who had made the original post and did something, said ‘I have your dog’ and Wes also called me and said ‘Branden has the dog.’ And I said, ‘What are you talking about? How does he have the dog?’ He was like, he knew somebody, who knew somebody and they were just finding people and they found out that the owners of the dog were from 22nd Street Barbell and the man was afraid and agreed to return the dog,” Mork said.

Mork said during her search, she learned that stealing valuable dogs is more common than she thought.

“This is more popular than people believe. There’s a lot of people in town that are taking dogs and they either try and immediately sell them or they turn around and if they can’t they know a guy in Chicago, a guy here, a guy there and they sell them and do animal dog fighting,” Mork said.

If your dog is lost or stolen the Animal Rescue League said it’s important to get a picture and information up on Iowa Pet Alert in addition to social media.

“The quicker you can put a current photo of your missing pet on to Iowa Pet Alert I think the better chances you have of getting your pet reunited,” ARL Executive Director Tom Colvin said.

Now that they’re reunited Mork said he’s not leaving her or a loved one’s side.

“Just being a little bit more hey where can I, what can I do, where can I leave him that’s a safe spot. Who can I give him to. I mean people are always asking to take him. That won’t happen again,” Mork said.