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Nevada Hailstorm Keeping Ames Body Shop Busy

AMES, Iowa -- A hailstorm caused thousands of dollars in damage for Nevada residents Tuesday night. All the damage is keeping a local body shop busy, and motorists reaching for their checkbook.

Craig Rover just bought a new car. He usually keeps it in the garage but sometimes you're in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“It was just sitting out in the parking lot outside my office in Nevada, and it started out raining and then hailing. I couldn't leave at that point, so I just watched it get hailed on” said Rover.

Despite his best hopes rover's car was dinged and dented by the penny to golf ball-sized hail. Now he's one of the many motorists taking their car to the Wilson Collision Center in Ames.

“When I got here about nine o'clock this morning my boss said he had about 10 people already call him. We're working on our eighth estimate as we speak” said Assistant Manager Josh Hetrick.

The damage hasn't been cheap to fix.

“We're seeing cars with 100+ dents on the roof and about 100 on the hood as well. The lowest one's been about $2,500, and our highest one's just shy of $5,000, but it's all paintless dent repair so there's no painting on it or anything” said Hetrick.

Rover says that paintless dent repair, or PDR, probably won't be an option for him.

“I would expect they'll have to repaint the hood and the roof at least. I can see there's damage on the side also, so I'm sure it's not going to be a small estimate” he said.

With another round of bad weather on the way Hetrick says aside from parking under a roof there's not much you can do.

“If you try parking under a tree sometimes you'll get limbs and stuff that do more damage that's not PDR; and when you get past that and you're painting it becomes more expensive and everything. So, it's just kind of a ‘hope and pray that nothing happens’” said Hetrick.

Rover says his car is brand new with only 5,000 miles.